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Technical Overview

Sample Purl Website Screenshot

The LampLight PURL System allows you to integrate your print and other media marketing campaigns to a mobile friendly website which can collect user feedback, contact information and more.

The software functions with Personalized URLs (PURLs), QR Codes or standard URLs. Administrators can view site entries and download entered data. The system also records how users found the site (ex QR campaign, PURL, etc) to track response rates and campaign performance.

There is an option to allow the thank-you page to function as a bookmarkable coupon page to increase visitor incentives and drive business to your website or physical location.

The design is mobile-friendly, and can flex to fit any size of standard or mobile browser. We can customize the colours, graphics, questions and more for your marketing campaign or match an existing website.

How It Works

Option 1: The user visits a PURL found in your direct, personalized marketing materials (ex: direct mail, email, etc) such as:

Option 2: The user visits a general URL found in your general advertisements and marketing materials (TV ad, magazine ad, adwords, etc) such as:

Option 3: The user scans a QR code from your ads and marketing materials such as:

Demos: Try It Out!

PURL Website Demos:

Results Dashboard:

LampLight PURL System Results Dashboard
Results Dashboard (click image to zoom)

Get It!

If you would like a website using our PURL/QR response tracking system, or information on becoming a LampLight PURL System reseller, contact Avinus today. Very affordable & flexible reseller options are available.

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